Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise whatever your age or fitness level. Sophie is an osteopath and her one to one classes are bespoke and hands on to help you totally understand what you are doing. People can come for a one off before going into a class they may know of, or as a regular thing. 

Sophie has practised yoga for the past 25 years and undertook her Pilates qualification in London at APPI in 2009. She has then undertaken several CPD qualifications in Pilates specifically for osteopaths. 

Being able to have Pilates in our clinic is a great attribute and people refer to Sophie for various reasons including; post c-section, with lower back/disc issues, for incontinence, or teenagers wanting help with exercises. 

If you have any questions please email Sophie on info@cranbrookosteopaths.co.uk or call 01580 388542.