Cranbrook Osteopathic Practice was established in 2007 by Sophie Bendall, registered osteopath.

A team of alternative health practitioners joined her, in what became known as ‘Old Bank Clinic’ – named after the building from which they worked. In 2014 the practice moved to specifically renovated ground floor premises quietly positioned at the end of a private driveway in Stone Street.

There are now three osteopaths working at the clinic as well as an acupuncturist, nutritionist, reiki practitioner and Pilates teacher. The osteopaths offer a range of treatment types for all ages with the emphasis on understanding the cause of the problem and treating the person as a whole.

Our osteopaths are continuing to wear masks as we are a close contact profession. We like patients to wear masks, but it is totally up to the patient to decide if they would like to bring one to wear or not. 
We would appreciate it if you call us to change your appointment if you have a cold, cough or feel unwell – as we need to keep our osteopaths healthy so they are able to work. Many thanks for your understanding.